Prevention of Brain Cancer

brain cancer treatmentBrain cancer treatment more difficult than to preventing it. Therefore, it is better to prevent than to cure. There are some efforts to prevent the spread of cancer, including cancers of the brain, which are as follows.

  •     Allowing consumption of healthy food and adequate nutrition (complete with vegetables and fruits and reduce excessive fat consumption).
  •     Not eating or reducing processed foods with fumigation or cooked in extra high temperatures.
  •     Not smoking and drinking beralkohol.Tidak chemical drugs without a prescription.
  •     Familiarize regular exercise, adequate rest, and occasionally conduct refreshing.Mengurangi direct contact with tools that emit high radiation, such as mobile phones and computers.
  •     Went to the doctor regularly, especially if you experience symptoms tersebut.Jangan too many thoughts that can lead to stress, depression, emotions, and environment is not good to be free of  cancer.
  •     staying healthy ideal weight should not be too much better still eat and drink nutritious as beans.
  •     Note the pattern of eating and drinking in everyday life, better eating vegetables that are free of chemicals to avoid a very dangerous cancer cells it.
  •     Reduce consumption of excessive sugar and salt and not too many foods that contain a mixture of chemicals because it is very dangerous to the body kita.Perbanyak eat and drink high in vitamin A and C in order to keep our bodies healthy and stable.
  •     Changing patterns become even better, not to drink alcoholic beverages and smoking can damage your health. Better yet, eat fruits and vegetables saturan.
  •     Exercise that will keep our bodies healthy and cancer will not attack the body sehat.menjaga environment to stay clean and green in order to keep them fresh so terhindart pollution of cancer.

The prevention of cancer normally needs to start at an early age, making decisions that will have lasting health implications. Nurses, who most of the time care for people struggling with disease, have the know-how and will usually incorporate healthy practices in order to better prepare themselves and their patients.



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