How to tighten loose skin after a weight loss?

If you have undergone a weight loss program recently, you notice loose skin hanging around. This may be sag around your stomach or flaps under your arms, loose skin can be a distressing concern.

Reasons for skin loosing

tighten loose skin after weightloss programSkin is an elastic (supple) fleshy tissue that expanses (stretches) as we move and shrink. It’s made of cells just like all other tissues of the body. The cells under the layer of the skin are permanent whereas the outer part of the skin gets replaced with new cells. These lower sheets of the skin are made up of soft connective tissues, blood vessels, fibres and other constituents that make the skin stretched or contracted. As these tissues can’t adapt the instant changes you make, it takes some time to tighten up the pores. Meanwhile, you can make the skin tight by practising different methods.

Here are a few tips to be practised to tighten loose skin after a weight loss:

  • Hydrate your skin

With water, everything is possible. It’s the basic component needed for skin to sustain elasticity and a balanced body. Make a habit of drinking minimum 6 litres of water every day.

  • Gym

It’s a good podium to achieve what you desire. Gym works make your body fit when practiced effectively. They improve muscle strength.

  • Aerobics

These are the best calisthenics that rejuvenate your soul and mind. You’ll never have to face loose skin issue when you effectively put in practise aerobics.

  • Yoga

It’s intended to keep you fit all the run. Different postures in yoga make you fit. Practise appropriate poses for good results.

  • Oils and Serums

Though no appropriate products are designed to tighten the loose skin, but few oils and serums work to their abilities. Oils like extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba, almond etc., when massaged on to the loose skin, the results are meritorious. These, being the natural oils not only moisturize your skin but also, they penetrate deep into the skin and balance the cellular levels. Sesame & mustard oils help in tightening your skin provided if you tolerate the hard core essence of these oils. Most of the therapies use these oils.

  • High fibre foods

Have low-calorie high fibre foods like beans, peanuts, nuts, fish, etc., that make your body fit by tightening the skin. Fibre is what is needed for a skin for elasticity. On the other hand, stay reach out of oily and junk foods that disturb the epidermis layer.

Therefore, don’t rush to crash diets that hastily shed muscle as well as fat tissues, which result in loose skin. Set achievable goals and plan accordingly to achieve desired weight in phases. You’ll have to face ad worse effects if you rush. So, stay relaxed body and mind wise to achieve what you desire.

**Be aware that, just like PPI Claims for jobless (redundant) or life insurance policies for a secure life, Most of the health/medical insurance policies don’t cover skin tightening treatments.

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